War Paint on my face!

War Paint on my face!

Peace family!

I am so excited to present to you a new song tomorrow. I actually made this one back in 2019 but life has its way of moving things around. I first heard the beat when Rich Kidd from Toronto sent me a pack of heaters and I immediately went off. It was so ill to me that it had flutes to I asked him what made him use them, then he tells me it was a sample from a video he took at the Grand Canyon. He was filming his beautiful surroundings while taking in the view and the magical flute song by a local Navajo brother (we must find you lol). He then sent that to my boy Pops whose credits included O.S.O.M. by Jay Rock And J.Cole. Pops absolutely destroyed it with his drums man. Geez.

When I wrote the song I wanted to put on for my tribes and my people but more specifically all the frontliners who selflessly put their lives on the line for others. We love you, we respect you and we support you. MIigwetch!

Big shoutout to my guys Jamie Kuse for the mix. I originally recorded it at Up in Arms studio in Edmonton with my guy Nato. Shoutout Nato!

Most importantly shout out YOU! 

The pre-save for WAR PAINT Is live


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